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Make Your Impact Last Beyond a Lifetime

Your legacy matters. We help you bring it to life.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Have you ever paused to think about the impact you’ll leave behind? The question isn’t just about distributing assets or wealth, but about creating a meaningful, lasting influence. 

Imagine reaching the end of life’s journey and knowing, not just hoping, that you’ve made a substantial difference. We’re here to guide you through that thoughtful process. 

At Benchmark, we ensure your legacy goes beyond dollar signs – it reflects your values, your love, and your commitment to causes that change the world.

Behind every success story is an intentional plan. This is how we get started.




Imagine discovering what’s possible, a conversation about what matters most to your and your family. We dive into what you value most, setting the stage for everything that follows. This is where our partnership takes root.



Then, we get to work and design a strategy that's uniquely yours. We cut through the clutter to lay out clear possibilities and tackle potential challenges head-on, routing a path that aligns with your life's ambitions, not just your finances.



Once we identify the way forward, we walk you through it, step by step, together. With clarity at every turn, you'll understand the what, the why, and the next steps in your journey towards your life aspirations.

Your goals are the heartbeat of our approach

We believe in building an investment strategy that’s as distinct as your life story, ensuring your financial plan mirrors your personal ambitions and values.

“Leaving the one-size-fits-all world of corporate America, I was driven to create a personalized team where financial plans are as individual as the people behind them.”
David A. Eltringham

Design a legacy that speaks volumes.

When it comes to leaving an impact that resonates, the devil is in the details. Let’s face it, anyone can write a check, but it takes a collaborative strategy to ensure your charitable efforts leave a lasting impression. 

At Benchmark, we view your legacy as a masterfully designed blueprint – unique, intentional, and deeply meaningful. Together, we’ll lay down the framework that transforms your desire to give back into a well-executed plan, encompassing everything from mission statements to structuring gifts and donations.

  • Mission Statements
  • Charitable Plans
  • Charity Selections & Evaluations
  • Impact Vehicles
  • Family Involvement

Create a legacy that lasts generations.

Set Your Course

We not only design and build your legacy plan but also ensure its enduring stewardship, aligning closely with your distinct aspirations and values.


We create plans that embrace your entire family, ensuring that your values and impact echo through the years to come.

Guided Giving

Navigating the charitable landscape can be complex. We simplify it for you, so you can focus on the joy of giving.

Tax Benefits

The more efficiently you give, the more you can give. We make sure each dollars makes a difference, while saving on taxes.

Don't Just Leave a Legacy. Maximize It.

Writing checks here and there makes a positive impact, but what if there is a better way? Without an integrated approach, you could be leaving dollars on the table for your family, and causes near and dear to your heart.

True stewardship encompasses not only what you give but how you give it. Collaborate with Benchmark to elevate your good intentions and leave the heavy lifting to us. You can make a bigger impact, while doing less. More than advisors, we’re stewards of your legacy, ensuring every dollar makes a meaningful difference.

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