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Managing Risk in Your Plan

We especially pride ourselves in offering insurance-based solutions as a possible component of an overall financial strategy.  We interface with all of your professional advisors to integrate these complex solutions into a flexible and versatile financial plan.

Life &

Life insurance helps to ensure that the financial needs of your loved ones are met after you pass away. Term and permanent life insurance are the two basic types of insurance policies. Deciding which type depends on your particular situation.

Property & Casualty

It is important to protect your home and personal property in the event of damage, such as fire or water. In addition, homeowner’s insurance helps to protect you from theft as well as personal liability from accidental occurrences by visitors. Additional personal items may be added to your policy to protect against loss or theft.

Long Term

Long term care insurance provides a monetary benefit to those who become temporarily or permanently disabled or chronically ill, and require assistance in basic daily activities or skilled medical care. Without long term care the high expense associated with these costs can exhaust family resource

Liability & Cyber Security

If you are sued, your liability coverage may not be sufficient after you add up all the associated costs. You may be financially responsible for bodily injury and personal property damage. Cyber attack and ransomware can also be a substantial risk families and individuals face.

When insurance is deemed to be part of the overall game plan, we work diligently to match your situation with the products and services that are available through all of the major carriers active in the market.  We also work on your behalf to obtain the most favorable underwriting offer by forcing the carriers to compete for your business.  This includes the preparation of the underwriting file that will be reviewed by the competing insurance companies.  By guiding you through the underwriting process we streamline the process and work to avoid unfavorable decisions due to the lack of a complete file.  The final result is that your insurance plan will be the most competitively priced solution available in the market.  Since we have access to all of the major carriers, we can never be beat by price.

We believe that the overall financial planning process is the catalyst for identifying specific insurance solutions.  With that in mind, here are a few of the specific applications that we have used to solve complicated financial problems:

Lastly, the insurance planning team interfaces with your other advisors to monitor and adjust your plan to keep it current with the latest planning ideas.  We routinely review your plans in order to insure that your insurance is performing as planned.

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