Wealth planning

Areas of Focus

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Social security maximization. Cash flow planning and budgeting. Scenario modeling. Review of insurance on both sides of retirement.

Comprehensive Review of All Investments

Comprehensive Review of All Investments

Global asset allocation - including retirement accounts. Risk tolerance overlay. Testing draw-down and income from assets.

Liquidity Event
& Exit Planning

Liquidity Event
& Exit Planning

Prepare for what's next after the sale of a business, the final season in the NFL, a large inheritance, or a large windfall.

Goal Planning and Education

Goal Planning
& Education

Saving for education. Gifting to grand children. Saving for a second home. Educating children on money management and stewardship.

In our wealth planning process, we focus on your family’s history, unique circumstances and specific needs. By taking the time to understand where you are today, we are better prepared to recommend appropriate solutions at just the right time. We take a long term approach and address the wide spectrum of your legacy – family values, finances, business and philanthropy – and plan ahead for the needs of future generations.

As your partner in the planning process, we consider both the big picture and precise execution. At its core, wealth planning is about connecting strategies with aspirations, so our starting point is a detailed discovery process. We ask the difficult questions and listen closely to your insights and reflections — not just the words but the emotions behind them. Understanding what you value most provides a foundation for our planning.

Our goal is to ease financial complexity, so our approach seamlessly integrates financial, tax, estate and philanthropic planning. Your Benchmark team brings your family experienced, credentialed professionals, with access to a broad array of tools, including wealth transfer, estate planning, tax analysis, financial modeling and philanthropic development. We work closely with your outside advisors to create a comprehensive, cohesive wealth management plan.

The Personal Financial Website

Benchmark uses industry-leading Financial Planning technology to dynamically monitor data and present advanced solutions to our clients. The e-Money system is highly effective in organizing the variety of assets, liabilities, insurance, stock options, business interests, and estate planning vehicles affluent families have to keep track of.

eMoney uses account aggregation to pull in account values, holdings, as well as transactions for all of your assets and liabilities.

Utilizing 256 bit AES socket layer encryption, eMoney safeguards your data 24/7. In addition, two factor authentication and regular penetration testing ensures you are the only one who can access your platform.

Store all of your important documents in one easily accessible, secure, cloud Vault. eMoney has unlimited storage and your Vault is available on all devices, including through mobile app.

Utilizing real-time data, our planning team can model advanced scenarios such as worse than expected investment performance, adding expenses such as a second home, as well as various estate planning techniques. 

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